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You can take swing dancing classes in Boston, Massachusetts and the surrounding area including Cambridge and Somerville.

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March 13 - Virtual Workshop

Mar. 13, 2021

Today is our March Virtual Workshop! Is your computer and environment setup for it?

This free workshop requires pre-registration to receive the Zoom link for class so if you haven't signed up yet please do so here: https://bostonlindyhop.com/register/

The three classes are:

* Body Movement for Jazz and Charleston w/ Katie Piselli @ 12:00 PM

* Solo Jazz Routine: Mama's Stew w/ Andrea Byrnes @ 1:15 PM

* Swing 101 – Pod Edition w/ Andrea Byrnes and Andrew Selzer @ 2:30 PM

Some useful info:

* If you sign up last minute, don't worry we have someone watching registration to send you the link. If you have any issues receiving the link the day of the workshop please email info@bostonlindyhop.com.

* You should be able to access the Zoom link shortly prior to the start of each class. We will be using the same Zoom room for all classes, so if you are joining for one of the later classes, you may come in at the end of a previous session. That's all right! You're still in the right place.

* BLH has a Code of Conduct and a member of BLH staff will be present during each session to moderate. If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please message the BLH moderator in your session or email info@bostonlindyhop.com. Individuals found in violation of our Code of Conduct may be removed from the class.

About Boston Lindy Hop

Boston Lindy Hop promotes swing dancing in Boston by teaching swing dance classes for all levels. You can learn authentic, vintage swing dance forms such as: Lindy Hop, Charleston, Vernacular Jazz, and more!

Our six-week long beginner series classes start almost every month—see the schedule for the latest classes that are available to you.

What is Lindy Hop?

Lindy Hop is the original Swing Dance, developed by the Black community in Harlem in the 1920s and 1930s.  There are numerous other swing dances out there, but virtually all of them evolved out of the patterns and rhythms of the Lindy Hop.  The dance still has a large and active following throughout the world today!

You can learn more about the history of the dance from this Yehoodi film.